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A talk about virtual reality adult entertainment with PornFoxVR founder

Some days ago I was contacted by Jeff Artik, that wanted to talk me about his VR porn website (NSFW link, of course), PornFoxVR.

I was a bit “scared” at first to check his website, not because porn scares me (at most has made me blind :D), but because usually porn websites come with all kind of malwares, pop-up windows coming from everywhere, fancy banners with girls that are at 3km from me that are super-interested in loving me and so on.

Xkcd on typical banners on adult websites…

He assured me that his website is clean, so I gave it a try and I sincerely liked its elegant and sleek design. Furthermore there were no pop-ups and no banners! (so, no more girls within 3km that are fallen in love with me? I feel so lonely now…). He got my interest, so I exchanged some e-mails with him. The following are some questions I’ve made him, with his answers… and my commentary. Continue reading “A talk about virtual reality adult entertainment with PornFoxVR founder”

Google creates an amazing technology to see the face in mixed reality

If you’re a VR enthusiast like me, surely in these two days your Twitter feed has been flooded by GIFs like this one:

Google mixed reality
Ok, you got my attention (Image by Google)

If your question has been “what the heck is happening?”… well, I’m here to help you a bit.

It all started with Google sharing this article on its blog, followed by this super-interesting research paper (I suggest you to give it a read!) and some youtube videos like this one.

When reading all those articles, the first thing we did was looking at the calendar… and no, it was not April the 1st, so this news had to be real. So that faces behind the headset were real! Continue reading “Google creates an amazing technology to see the face in mixed reality”

Microsoft HoloLens plans make me think about AR/VR product cycles

Yesterday there haven’t been many interesting news about the VR world, but my startup buddy Gianni sent me a super-interesting link that made me think a lot.

The article I’m talking about is this one: it talks about Microsoft skipping HoloLens v2 developments to concentrate directly on version v3. The news is far from being official, but the author talks about some unspecified “sources” confirming this.

So, HoloLens v1 is two years old, but we won’t see a restyling soon: we’ll have to wait for 2019 to have a super-incredible HoloLens v3. Why Microsoft is doing this? According to what the article says and mixing it with what I think, the reasons are: Continue reading “Microsoft HoloLens plans make me think about AR/VR product cycles”

Can Standing in a Dark Room With VR Goggles on Your Face Really be Called Social?

Today I’ll have a great post here in my blog. Sasha Le Baron, who is a VR passionate that knows virtual worlds much more than me (he’s a Second Life user since long time!) has accepted to write an article about social VR for me. You should know him, since he’s the one that introduced me to BigScreen VR and VRChat. I’m very happy about this, because of his experience in this field. So… this time I won’t say any more words and I will leave all glory to him… so, here you are his article (after a funny video)…

First let me say I’ve partaken in the VR the Cool Aid, I have been waiting for VR to drop since @GreatDismal first described it back in the day. So, my opinions are, shall we say, biased. That being said, there is a lot of pushback from the uninitiated suggesting that VR is anti-social. Let’s unpack that in the context of the current state of Social VR. Continue reading “Can Standing in a Dark Room With VR Goggles on Your Face Really be Called Social?”

Concentrate on solutions, not on problems

Sometimes I like blogging about productivity stuff and the right mindset to have when you’ve a startup. Today is one of those days.

In your startup journey you will be overwhelmed by problems. Really. If you want to run a company and you think that everything will run smoothly… well, I’m sorry to say that this won’t ever happen. Even if you’re in the miracle conditions that you have not problems (what business are you running? Seriously, I’ve to consider changing my job…), surely you will be overwhelmed by too many things to do: meetings to attend, events, development of the product, answering emails, writing a business plans, etc etc…

Keeping a healthy mental attitude in your startup journey is really fundamental or you risk to become completely mad. Sincerely speaking there is no secret and I’ve still not found this right attitude. But day after day I discover little tricks on how to get less mad, so I’m mad but still not completely insane :). The funny part of this tricks is that they seem to be pronounced by Captain Obvious, but in the end, when you finally start applying them, you understand that Captain Obvious was right. Continue reading “Concentrate on solutions, not on problems”

The Ghost Howls celebrates 6 months and 100 articles!

This is the 100th post of this crazy virtual reality blog and it comes when my blog is exactly 6 months old (it has happened by chance… and it’s so cool!).

In this post I just want to say thank you to everyone that has come to my little place… maybe because was already a friend of mine, maybe because was looking for some VR info, maybe because Google drove him here, maybe because was looking for VR adult stuff and finished here by chance.

And a special thank you to people that didn’t only lurk, but that commented the posts or that contacted me on social media or via email. Talking with other VR passionates is the best part of being a blogger. If you haven’t ever contact me yet… come on, it’s the right moment now!

I’ve written a cool post on Medium about what I’ve learned in these six months… if you’re interested (of course you are!), this is the link.

I hope that you liked at least something of what I’ve written and that you will help me in continuing this adventure at least for other 6 months… I want to celebrate the first blog birthday in August!

I love you all… sincerely! 🙂

Social VR: meeting your friends in Virtual Reality with Bigscreen VR and VRChat

2 weeks ago I reserved some time to encounter virtually my friend Sasha. I got to know him some times ago on Twitter because he was interested in my work in full body virtual reality and soon he proved to be very friendly and supportive. Unluckily he lives in Canada, while I’m in Italy so it’s very hard for us to meet.

But but but… we’re two VR passionates and he’s a super-fun of virtual worlds… so he said to me “why don’t we meet in VR?“. I immediately liked the idea and so in the end on February the 1st at 17.30 Italian time we managed to finally meet in VR. This is a little resumée of my experience.

Being naive about virtual worlds (I’ve only tried AltspaceVR some times ago) I let Sasha pick the right application. He proposed BigScreen VR.

Bigscreen logo (Image by Bigscreen)
Bigscreen logo (Image by Bigscreen)

Continue reading “Social VR: meeting your friends in Virtual Reality with Bigscreen VR and VRChat”

PPT-VR review

I’ve been contacted by Hardik, an Indian guy that is working on a software to do presentations in VR, that asked me to review his project. He added that we’re buddy AR/VR-preneurs, so he convinced me to write this article :). At Immotionar, getting little visibility for our Hit Motion game was very hard, so I know the pain he’s living…

Hardik works in a company called SMIS and they’re making a product called PPT-VR. The name makes immediately clear what they want to do: presentations in VR. With “presentation” I don’t mean a presentation in a Powerpoint sense, but more in a 360-VR sense. In these last months lots of startups are popping out, promising the ability to create easily VR virtual tours where the user navigates from one 360-photos to the other, with the ability to see some info about some points of interests. Continue reading “PPT-VR review”

HoloLens problems show us that AR is still not ready for the mass market

HoloLens is maybe the best AR glass on the market nowadays and I had the pleasure to try it some months ago and to write an enthusiastic review about it. I was delighted by its capabilities, potentials and the incredible spatial positioning of its “holograms” (hate this term, since they’re not holograms, just virtual objects you see through a lens, but… whatever).

In the last month I had the pleasure to work in a HoloLens project, so I spent some days developing for it using Unity. It’s great, but as within a long term relationships living with your partner you discover a lot of hidden problems… working with HoloLens I started discovering lots of defects it has. Continue reading “HoloLens problems show us that AR is still not ready for the mass market”

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