Who am I?

Tony in VR

I’m Tony, an Italian guy with great passion for computers and technology.

I started using an old AMSTRAD CPC 464 when I was very little and now I’m experimenting with latest trends in virtual reality, like the Oculus Rift. Honestly speaking, I was more talented when I was a baby and just pressed random keys on the PC, but sssh.. this is a secret between me and you: there are people out there that are actually convinced that I can code.

At present time, with my buddy Gianni, I’m trying to create a virtual reality startup called Immotionar which wants to change the way we use virtual reality, adding the full body of the user in the virtual world. This means having a super immersive and super cool virtual world, but where, seen from the outside, you look like a super idiot.

In this startup I’m developer and PR / social media manager. The first role means that I play with Unity3D (C#), Kinect, Leap Motion, Oculus and this kind of stuff. The second one means that I spend hours looking at pandas GIFs on twitter and reddit.

Apart from being a startupper, sometimes I have also a life (strange, isn’t it?) where I hang out with friends, go to the gym, watch sports, study Mandarin Chinese and chase after women.

In this blog I talk about everything that comes to my mind about the above topics. Hope you like my post.

And you? Who are you? Contact me and let me know!