Some days ago I was reading an interesting article on Road To VR about a new program called ‘V’, that proposes itself as a dashboard for virtual reality. After reading the article I got curious, so yesterday I decided to try it so i can review it for you.

First thing that I found interesting about it is its name: only a letter, the letter ‘V’. That’s really curious and reminded me of an idea I had some times ago: when at Immotionar we were discussing about the name to give to our full body VR system, I proposed the simple name of ‘I’ as a super-original name, that could be super-great, because it is pronunced as “eye” and because it represents the self, and our system lets you see yourself in virtual reality; Gianni didn’t appreciate my genious idea and looked at me with commiseration. I’m glad that in this world there is someone that has my same genious ideas and is brave enough to make them become true. The only problem with this super-short name is that it is complicated to search on Google, so it took me a bit to find the download link for their beta… Continue reading “V: a super dashboard for virtual reality”