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Twitch: first impressions

Some days ago Max and me had the crazy idea to publish our full-body virtual reality game experiments on Twitch. The idea turned out to be great, since now we’re on first, second and third position if you search for “Oculus” on twitch! (wow, a whole podium!) If you lost our last broadcast, well, you can still found it here or in the highlights here.

I know since a lot about Twitch, but I never streamed to it and never had even a look to it. So, today I wanted to try this famous website, to have my own opinion and be able to write it to you. Continue reading “Twitch: first impressions”

Thanks for joining us on Twitch!

Today we made our first serious streaming on Twitch of the demo game that we of ImmotionAR are developing with my friends Max and Viktor of NTW. The game has to exploit the full body tracking capabilities of the ImmotionRoom system and has one simple rule: “catch the cubes!”.

We had lots of fun playing it: we also made other people try it for their first time and they were really amazed! Wow, we’re happy that this game, even so simple, has had a so great feedback! At the end we also made a little interview where we explained what is our vision for full body of the user in virtual reality.

I want to personally thank you all people that helped us in making this broadcast (Max I love you) and all people that have followed us! If you lost it, don’t worry: you can still re-watch the broadcast on 3klan channel!

Let’s hang out on Twitch!

Tomorrow, 18th of August, at 3.00PM UTC time (5.00PM here in Italy) we’ll stream on Twitch on 3klan channel!

Join us, so you can see me and my fellow game developer Max Ariani of NTW making experiments with virtual reality games that exploit the full body tracking of the ImmotionRoom system. We’ve made a little prototype and we want to show it to you! This can be a great occasion to talk a bit about virtual reality, full body tracking, video game developments and have fun together! See you tomorrow!

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