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Oculus Tracker Update 1.12 makes Oculus a good guy again

After having criticized Oculus about its tracking issues and how its updates were making things even worse (unless you used Duct Tape, of course… duct tape fixes everything!), today I have to say “Bravo!” to its guys.

The new Update they’ve released for the Rift, the 1.12, seems to have fixed lots of stuff: as you can see from the release notes, a lot of work has been done to make tracking good again. The feedbacks from the users have been really positive and now reddit shows people writing “With 1.12 my room scale works” and so the virtual world is a happier place. Surely there will be people that will still experience errors and problems, but their number has been drastically lowered. Continue reading “Oculus Tracker Update 1.12 makes Oculus a good guy again”

Oculus tracker problems can be fixed using duct tape?

We all know the problems that Oculus is having with its room-scale tracking and the fact that its just released update (the 1.11) is not helping that much. Nate Mitchell has tried saying that everything is ok and that bad tracking is all fault of bad camera positioning by the users but I don’t believe this that much.

Today I opened a post that was lying around on reddit (ah, the lovely reddit) since some days ago, to discover an absolutely strange but effective solution to these problems. Continue reading “Oculus tracker problems can be fixed using duct tape?”

Oculus Touch: first review

Some days ago, finally my Oculus Touch that I preordered some months ago have arrived… but I haven’t been able to try it thoroughly until today, when I played 2 hours with them. I’ll write here a short review about them and then I’ll write a more detailed one on our Immotionar website in the next days.

I’ll drop the bomb immediately: I did not fall in love with Oculus Touch. Now I’ll give fanboys the time to go at the end of this article and write bad comments about me saying that they want to kill me… have you done it? Ok, now I can go on happily :). Let me explain what I mean… I like both Oculus and Vive, so it is not a matter of brand…

virtual reality Oculus Touch review
Palmer Luckey, don’t get angry… but I don’t think that your controllers are super-awesome

Continue reading “Oculus Touch: first review”

Full body VR game Hit Motion is out now!

At Immotionar, we’ve just made a great announcement that I want to share with you all! We’ve released Hit Motion, a game that we’ve been developing in the last weeks with some local indies: the game designer Massimiliano Ariani and 3D artist Victor Pukhov.

Hit Motion full body virtual reality game
Hit Motion awesome logo

Hit Motion is in pre-alpha, so it is still not a complete game, but it’s already fun because using the ImmotionRoom system, it lets you use the full body to run from one side of your room to the other kicking and puching every thing that comes in your virtual sight! This is Max while playing with it… isn’t he funny?

The game is compatible with every headset (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Razer HDK, Gear VR, Google VR) and with every supported sensor (at the moment Kinect v1 and Kinect v2), so if you have at least a Kinect (but the more you have, the better 😉 ) and a VR headset, download it for free on Immotionar website! Continue reading “Full body VR game Hit Motion is out now!”

Oculus vs Vive: November 2016 update

One of the biggest disputes of the virtual reality world is: it is better Oculus Rift or HTC Vive? There is no accepted answer to this question: lots of people have tried to make a comparison (me too, with this post) but there is not a headset that is truly superior to the other one. Besides that, virtual reality has been ruined by fanboyism, so there are lots of idiots giving biased reviews just because they’re fan of one headset or the other one.

The problem of all those reviews (mine included) is that they refer to the situation that holded until summer 2016. After that, lots of things have changed: autumn has been a hot season for VR, with lots of announcements by Oculus, HTC, Microsoft and Google. I think that a recap including the latest news is necessary, so to make a more effective comparison at current state of art. So, what is the current situation of this endless war between these two great virtual reality devices? Let me try to write some points:

Main Specs

It’s a tie: FOV, framerate, resolution, etc… are almost identical in the two contestants. Someone says that Oculus has slightly better visual quality, but it’s almost non-noticeable. Continue reading “Oculus vs Vive: November 2016 update”

My little bad experience with SteamVR and Oculus

Today I wanted to try some VR demos on Steam. I own only an Oculus Rift, but we all know the fantastic work that Valve has made to make their environment compatible with every kind of headset, Oculus included, so I decided to give a try to something anyway.

Oculus SteamVR virtual reality
My Oculus is ready within SteamVR… will it be enough?

Well, I have to say that I’m quite disappointed. Lots of games support Vive only, so you can’t try them. I wanted to try the IKEA VR experience, for instance, but I wasn’t even able to have a first look at it: a distorted first screen said that only Vive was supported and so, owning Oculus Rift, I couldn’t cook Swedish meat ball. Damn! Continue reading “My little bad experience with SteamVR and Oculus”

Allumette Review

After having tried the wonderful Senza Peso and the too-short Lost, I decided to try another short animation movie called Allumette, by Penrose Studios.

This is a little movie that you can look with your Oculus Rift and that talks about a story clearly inspired by The Little Match Girl of Hans Christian Andersen. If you know something about this Danish novel, well, you know that it’s very very sad: also this VR experience is sad and you’ll have ninja cutting onions near you and making you cry: you’ve been warned. Continue reading “Allumette Review”

Lost (by Oculus Studio) review

I tried Lost, a little movie by Oculus studio. And this is its little review. Oculus Studio is the content branch of Oculus and it is capable of making awesome things like Henry, the animation short movie telling the story of a cute hedgehog.

Henry, maybe the best animation movie for Oculus (Image by Wired)
Henry, maybe the best animation movie for Oculus (Image by Wired)

So today I was very happy to try Lost, hoping that it was as awesome as Henry (or as Senza Peso). Continue reading “Lost (by Oculus Studio) review”

Senza Peso review

After having read its name so many times, today I decided to try Senza Peso for Oculus Rift. Senza Peso is an artistic experience for Oculus Rift made by Kite & Lightning studio. Kite & Lightning is a VR studio that is out since a while and every title that they’ve made has proven to be very cool (for example I tried Insurgent some times ago and it was really well made), so I was quite sure that Senza Peso was something really magnificent, too. And in fact, it was.

Senza Peso for Oculus Rift CV1 virtual reality
Senza Peso, a mini Opera… even the logo and the intro are very well made

Continue reading “Senza Peso review”

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