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GDC and MWC 2017 main VR news

This article is just a small recap about the latest VR news and announcement, so if you’ve lost them, you can read it here only in one place! Most of them has been made at GDC or MWC.

First of all, Vive has revealed the price of the Tracker and the Audio Strap: they’ll cost $99 dollars each. Finally we know how much money we will spend to start developing innovative VR applications with pseudo-objects-tracking. As I’ve already said, I hoped price would have been lower for the Tracker, to help adoptions among makers, but the price shows a more business-oriented approach. Continue reading “GDC and MWC 2017 main VR news”

Oculus Touch price has been leaked?

Today I found this thread on reddit where a redditor has discovered that a german appliances reseller, MediaMarkt (which is called MediaWorld here in Italy), may have leaked the final price of the Oculus Touch on their e-store.

At time of writing, the link doesn’t show price anymore, but I’m a smart guy so I made a screenshot 😀 Continue reading “Oculus Touch price has been leaked?”

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