At last Google Tango enters the VR (and AR) world. I was waiting for it since months, maybe years. And finally today, on UploadVR I found that it was happening.

Ok, let me take a step back and clarify everything. What is Google Tango? Tango is an augmented reality platform that Google announced back in 2014. Long story short, it is a platform for Android tablets and smartphones that, using depth and color cameras from the device, lets you reconstruct completely the environment around you. It means that you can move your Tango device around and then have a complete reconstruction of your room in real time. This can be great for two possible kind of applications:

  • Scanning and reconstruction of 3D models: you can move your tablet around a little statue to reconstruct the model of that statue and then use it in some virtual world you’re making;
  • Augmented reality: the main field of application of Google Tango: once you have all your surrounding environment reconstructed, you can put virtual objects inside it and interact with them freely. If you’re thinking that’s the same thing that I’ve been talking about in my Hololens article… well, you’re right: it’s the same stuff.

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