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Project Alloy virtual reality headset at CES 2017

Do you remember my first article about Project Alloy? I said that it would have disrupted the VR market… and not surprisingly, all headsets are going wireless, like Vive has done with TPCAST and Oculus with Santa Cruz.

Intel has brought an Alloy prototype at CES this year and has made some showcases on the stage and in its own booth. So, what do we know about Alloy after CES?

First of all, we know that Intel will start selling its first implementation of Alloy in Q4 2017. Currently they have only a prototype. Let me remember you that Alloy is not the name of a device, but more of a project, of a set of guidelines to follow to have an Alloy-like standalone headset that offers Merged Reality. It is like Microsoft Hololens: a set of guidelines where the manufacturer makes the first exemplar. So, Intel is making the first device and hopes that other companies will make other Alloy compatible headsets. Continue reading “Project Alloy virtual reality headset at CES 2017”

Will Alloy change virtual reality?

Today I went on reddit, to find the front page full of news about this new marvelous piece of tech: Intel Alloy.

Continue reading “Will Alloy change virtual reality?”

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