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Google Cardboard vs Samsung Gear VR

Sometimes people asks me what’s the difference between Google Cardboard and GearVR and which one is better. Both are mobile headset and this can create some confusion in people.

Gear VR viewer virtual reality
A Gear VR innovator edition with VR Cover… I use it with my Samsung Note 4

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Virtual reality games: Magnetique

Today on reddit, among all other various games videos, one post caught my attention: its header was “The first VR Comic it’s out“… wow, the first comic in virtual reality? Super-cool, I love original things in virtual reality… I’m one of the creators of one of them! So I watched the trailer…

and after watching it, my reaction has been

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VR is going wireless… for business?

We VR users and developers all love virtual reality and the emotions it can give us. We feel that we’re shaping the future of technology, that we’re living an amazing moment (The sentence “an amazing time to be alive” is hyper-used in every VR forum). We forgive this new technology all its problems: the motion sickness, the screen door effect, the low FOV, etc… but there is one thing that we just can’t stand: the f**ing cable! (and in case of OSVR, also the damn belt box!) Continue reading “VR is going wireless… for business?”

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