It’s the 8th of March and all over the world this is the International Women’s day. Here we’re used to gift some yellow flowers called mimosa and remember our beloved women why they’re important for us.

There’s lot of debate about women and technology and women and virtual reality. As always we men are much more, but in the field that I know best, VR, I know some really valuable women, like Eva Hoerth or Helen Situ, that are very important influencers. They usually use the tag #WomenInVR to help the spread of this wonderful technology among women, in a tech world populated by men.

I like to talk with people different than me… because they think in a way completely different from mine and talking with them can really enrich me. So talking with technology with women is something i really like. Recently I met a woman from Amazon that was so skilled that I was so impressed by her tech&business talent that I remained looking at her with my mouth fully open. And I also support startups like CreHome, were men and women work together with virtual reality to offer an interior design service  (we support them so much that their business girl is the main character of our Hit Motion trailer)

Lots of people use buzzwords like “diversity”, “inclusion” but they really make me puke. Not because of the concept they express, but because usually these words are used in posts filled with boring rethorics. I mean, usually they express things like “there must be diversity”: if you found a startup, there must be a woman. If you hire someone, women are better. Well, not. This has no sense.

What I think is that in VR, like in every other field of life, it’s beautiful to have lots of people with different backgrounds and different opinions… this is the only way to grow together. But we have not to “force” this, we have to make this possible. So, the campaign #WomenInVR that pushes women to enter virtual reality is something I really appreciate. Because it motivates women to enter VR and become great in this field. This way, the “diversity” comes really natural: the more talented women in this field, the more probable it is the chance we all want one in our startup. Lots of men and women working together in this beautiful technology, with anyone taking its personal point of view, and anyone judged only upon his talent.

And this is what I wish for the future. Happy 8th March to all #WomenInVR

(Header image by Dénes Emőke, from Wikipedia)