Some days ago we of Immotionar launched Hit Motion, the first game with cross platform full body virtual reality: using Kinects we allow the user to use his/her full body to interact with the VR game!

I’m very proud to announce that some important VR website have already talked about it. VRFocus, for instance, dedicated us a little article, that you can read here. This is awesome, since I think VRFocus is a great website for VR news and seeing something about me on it has been incredible!

We are Italian and thankfully our country has not forgotten us: has expressed interest for our product in this article (all in Italian language).

The funniest thing has been our product reviewed also in languages we can’t completely understand. I’m proud to announce that even in China people are talking about us: read (or try to read) this post by VRChina! I study Chinese but I’ve no clue what is written about us (VRChina guys… 对不起,我看不懂).. I hope only beautiful things, of course. I’m very happy about this last review because China is going to be a massive market for VR… some analysts say that it will drive innovation in virtual reality more than the US!

It’s quite satisfying seeing the product of the hard work of us of Immotionar + Massimiliano Ariani & Victor Pukhov being reviewed in 3 different languages from websites all around the world! Wow!  And I hope in the future they will be even more…

UPDATE of January, 4th: now they are even more! You can add Russian and Vietnamese! Super-wow!!!