Yesterday I played a bit with Street Champ VR,  a simple street-crossing VR game available for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive made by Romanian company Zynk software Srl.

The goal of the game is pretty simple: cross the streets and try not to die :).  You are in this cartoon city and you have to cross this endless set of streets that are full of cars. To cross the streets you have to simply press the key on your remote or gamepad: this will make you perform a single step forward.

Street champ VR virtual reality game
The only HUD of the game: number of performed steps and fatigue level for your steps (if you don’t run that much, it remains almost always green)

If you keep the button pressed, you will start running… but don’t try to run too much, or you will get exhausted and you will start moving slowly, being less reactive to incoming cars. If a car runs on you while you’re crossing the road, you die and the game ends.

Street champ VR virtual reality game
You have to cross roads like this one: look how much traffic there is…so I have a question… why isn’t there a semaphore here??

As in all other endless games, your goal is to score the highest number of points. For each step you make without dying, you get one point. In the end, you will die anyway 🙂

Street champ VR virtual reality game
At the beginning I was not that smart, my score was terrible…

This is enough for the cold game description, now let’s start with some more personal considerations!

I was quite skeptical about the game concept (crossing roads? Really?), but I have to admit that the game is really nice instead. Being the mechanics very simple, it also results quite relaxing (like Lantern) and nice to be played after a day of work. But it’s not only relaxing, it’s also annoying and addictive, like all endless games… a bit like Flappy Birds. Everytime you die, you say: “oh, damn, I was about beating my record and then I lost for an unfortunate case… I have to try just one more time!” and then you find yourself playing for two hours!

Street champ VR virtual reality game
This is the last moment of my life: I was not careful enough and this car has run on me 😦

It’s also very nice to be brave sometimes… just keep pressing the “forward key” and running for some seconds hoping no one will kill you! I managed to score a solid 31 points score in this way!! It’s like running on a landmine like crazy!

Graphics is cartoon like… essential but very nice, exactly like the sound.

Street champ VR virtual reality game
Environment around you: some cartoon houses and streets. Ok, enough for this static scene… let’s cross that damn street!

Zynk guys have been very good in trying to make the game intriguing because it’s very variegated: sometimes cars are faster, other times slower; sometimes there is more traffic, other times less; some roads are wider, others have just one line, so they’re far easier to cross; fog level changes in different games; sometimes there is a bush that will block your visual and you’ll have to lean; sometimes emergency vehicles will run as hell and will most likely kill you (weren’t they supposed to help you? Getting killed by an ambulance has been quite ironic for me…). And then the more you go further, the more the game adds difficulties. This way the game doesn’t feel boring and you have fun playing it for a reasonable amount of time.

Street champ VR virtual reality game
Look how many different vehicles there are here…
Street champ VR virtual reality game
…and then there is fog that makes things even worse

The game price is honest: 0.99€, which is a reasonable price for a good and very simple VR game.

My final verdict is that this game is good to have some moments of fun in VR and it’s surely worth a try! If you’re interested in trying it (and supporting the devs) download it now on Oculus Store or on SteamVR and try to beat me!

Street champ VR virtual reality game
…in the end I became a pro!! Will you be able to beat my super hi-score?