Today I just want to talk about some thoughts that came to my mind after I had a call with our supporter and beta-tester Sasha. It has happened last thursday: I was really tired, stressed, late for everything and I had to have a call with him to talk about our ImmotionRoom system and what was wrong with it. During the call I had to help him with the setup and listen to his feedbacks to all the problems our product has inside… but the thing that I loved a lot was seeing his support, the fact that he truly wants us to succeed, he truly believes in us. And we have no idea of who he is: he’s not a relative of ours, neither a friend (well, now he actually is, but he was not before he discovered our company), he’s not even from our same continent! He’s just a man that believes in us, in what we do and started supporting us. And he’s doing it in a great way… like giving me this great moment during our Skype call…

Another super-great man is Massimiliano Ariani, that we have met at the Global Game Jam 2016, where he discovered our system and started supporting us in an incredible way, helping us in spreading the voice about our product; developing with us our upcoming Hit Motion demo; creating with a friend of his the trailer of the game; cheering me up when things go wrong; and so many other things. Immotionar wouldn’t be the same if Max hadn’t joined us. This is him kung-fu-fighting in wireless VR.

And there are so many people, like Johnathan of Quad7Computers, who spammed Bethesda on twitter to let them know about us; or Marvin of Moments in VR that now contributes to this blog, too.

At EIA accelerator I also met lots of interesting people, like Davide and Warren; and wonderful mentors, like Andrea, Kaarel, Stephan, Rick… people that are really competent, some of them are also super-rich, but they found the time to give us some precious advices and let the company become better.

And at our Incubator our mentor Martina and all other startuppers are so supportive to us (especially Crehome people… and Funix guys have helped us in shaping Hit Motion in a new and better way). Startuppers are incredibly supportive each other, since we know the true struggle of this life and so we want to help the others that are on the same boat. This creates a fantastic ecosystem, where everyone just tries to help the others in every possible way.

When you’re a startupper, you discover that there are lots of people out there that really just want to help you. Before being a startupper I thought that I had to keep my ideas secret and to trust no one. What I discovered is that actually you have to tell your idea to everyone and let people give you feedbacks on it. Furthermore you have to meet the most possible number of people, because you’ll meet lots of interesting people and these people is likely to help you in your quest to become the boss of yourself. People likes great idea, likes being part of the process of shaping the future with you, to be the one that made that little company born in a garage become a Fortune-500 company. That’s why Kickstarter has its great success.

Of course from this great power comes great responsibility: you have to be very honest with these people even in the harshest moments of your startup journey, that are always very frequent and very difficult. But if you behave the right way, you’ll find lots of beautiful people that will support you: when you’re tired of working, you know someone you can rely on.

I don’t know if my startup will have success of it will die, but what’s true for sure is that I’ll never forget all the wonderful people that I’ve met during this wonderful journey and that supported me without having had nothing in change. I love you guys.