While I was preparing my next article, a great sad news arrived to me: VRideo shuts down. With a long, sad and warm message on their blog, they closed their platform yesterday. They were one of the most famous VR video apps (they had 700.000+ installations), they were compatible with lots of headsets (I remember VRideo being one of the first non-gaming app for GearVR), they raised a huge investment (2 million dollars!), they were super-cool… nonetheless, they’re closing.

As a startupper, I’m really sad about it. When we start our startup journey, we know that we have 90% possibilities of failing, of becoming part of the startup cemetery, just another post on /r/shutdown; but we hope to be in the other 10% and to become rich successful doing what we love doing in life. Sadly most of the times the big day arrives and you have to close: I’m sure VRideo guys have fighted to make their company survive, but in the end they had to admit the inevitable.

VRideo has been one of the company that has helped in shaping the future of virtual reality: we’re in a big hype moment and everyone one of us is trying to put new ideas into the system, to make this technology set a step further in the right direction towards its brillant future. It was a super-interesting video app, but I think that having big competitors like Youtube has surely not helped them.

It reminds me of another little hero app: Convrge, a nice VR social app that closed because companies like Facebook started doing VR social apps by themselves.

Convrge vr social
You could hang with friends around a campfire in Convrge… a little nice social VR app

Wish VRideo guys to create another startup and to continue believing in making this beautiful technology better every day. Come on guys, you’re great and we all know it.