Today I found this thread on reddit where a redditor has discovered that a german appliances reseller, MediaMarkt (which is called MediaWorld here in Italy), may have leaked the final price of the Oculus Touch on their e-store.

At time of writing, the link doesn’t show price anymore, but I’m a smart guy so I made a screenshot 😀

Oculus Touch price leaked
All leaks links always get removed… so be prevident and always make a screenshot!

As you can see, the price for the new fantabulous Oculus controllers is 199€. This is more or less the price I expected to pay, due to Oculus and Vive prices. Redditors say that MediaMarkt is official resellers for Oculus in Germany and so the price should be reliable. Obviously this is the price for Europe… I expect them for US to cost less… maybe 149$ (Oculus Rift in US costs 599€, in Italy 699€, due to VAT and other taxations). But I’ve learned in these 2 years of VR-enthusiasm that leaked prices sometimes are true and sometimes are completely false… so, it appears that we’ll have to wait for an official communications of the price… maybe at the upcoming Oculus Connect 3!

In the meanwhile, let’s continue to develop and play VR games! 🙂