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September 2016

Google Cardboard vs Samsung Gear VR

Sometimes people asks me what’s the difference between Google Cardboard and GearVR and which one is better. Both are mobile headset and this can create some confusion in people.

Gear VR viewer virtual reality
A Gear VR innovator edition with VR Cover… I use it with my Samsung Note 4

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How to reduce motion sickness in virtual reality

Today I’ll talk about another one of the most frequently asked questions on reddit: after having talked about about if you have to buy a VR headset, which one you should buy and how to start developing with it, today I’ll talk about how to overcome the motion sickness in VR.

The typical scenario is this one: some smart guy reads a lot about VR and feels the urge to try this awesome technology, so he/she buys a brand new PC, a brand new headset (like Oculus or Vive), starts using it and… he starts feeling bad: nausea, dizziness, headaches. In short, he/she just spent 2000$ to buy some illness… it isn’t that cool!

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HTC Vive 2 will cost less than the first version?

Some days ago I read a super interesting article on RoadToVR: it was about a new kind of sensors that could reduce the overall cost of Lighthouse technology of the HTC Vive. You can find it here.

I published the article on reddit, where it gained a lot of interest… 466 karma points! W00t! A record for me! But why is this so important? And what are we talking about?

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Microsoft Hololens: a little review

Yesterday has been a super-day: thanks to epic Microsoft MVP Marco Dal Pino (which is also Intel Black Belt and other 1000 stuff like that), I’ve tried Microsoft Hololens for some minutes! It’s been so cool, considering that in Italy there are only more or less 10 Hololens… I’ve been so lucky (thanks Marco, I love you!). I’m writing a little review here, since I’ve little time due to organization of our DTC event… after that I’ll write a more detailed review on our Immotionar website. Continue reading “Microsoft Hololens: a little review”

DeoVR is now compatible with GearVR! (+ how to distribute an app without Oculus approval)

Do you remember DeoVR? It is a nice VR video player that has come out in the last times and it is pretty cool. I wrote a review about it in one of my last articles.
Well, this cool player, that was only compatible with Oculus, is now compatible with GearVR too. I decided to try this integration to write a small review, so I went to their website. And there I discovered that the most innovative thing of this upgrade is not the program itself, but the way to download it 🙂

You know, Oculus ecosystem is pretty closed, and you can distribute an app for GearVR only on the Oculus Store and only after Oculus approval. But DeoVR app isn’t approved yet by the facebook company, so they shouldn’t be able to distribute it. If you’re not practical with VR development, you may say that an easy workaround exist… it suffices that you distribute the apk to developers. But with Oculus and GearVR it is not that easy: every apk has to be built including a particular file (osig signature file) specific to the phone that will run the apk, otherwise the apk won’t work. Continue reading “DeoVR is now compatible with GearVR! (+ how to distribute an app without Oculus approval)”

How to stream virtual reality to Youtube

As you already know, we of Immotionar re organizing a small event here in Turin about VR & AR, called Disruptive Technologies Conference. Since we’re sold out, we’re planning to create a live stream of the event, to show our fantastic talks to people that can’t attend it. This means that we’ve also to stream our virtual reality demo game, with its audio and video on the same PC where we stream the seminar slides and the speaker talking… but, how to stream all this correctly?

virtual reality kinect game
Our new futuristic demo game for ImmotionRoom system… look at that explosive Tron candies!

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How to select Oculus Rift audio output device

Oculus Rift CV1 comes with very handy integrated headphones. That’s great, but they may cause some problems about where to output stuff, especially games designed to be played with Oculus.

Yes, because, from a Windows standpoint, the Rift headphones are just like any other audio output device, while when it comes to playing games involving the Oculus Runtimes, things can become a lot more strange. These days we were organizing for the DTC event and we had hard times trying to output our Unity demo audio to the surround speakers of the conference room. All other audio (like from VLC, Windows volume, etc…) was correctly reproduced, while the Unity audio was always sent to the Rift. Then I navigated to the Oculus support and found the solution to the problem (ah, the old and dirty RTFM!). Continue reading “How to select Oculus Rift audio output device”

The Disruptive Technologies Conference is sold out!

Do you remember the Disruptive Technologies Conference (DTC) I was talking about some days ago? If you forgot it… well, it’s an event we of Immotionar are organizing here in Turin, an event about augmented reality and virtual reality (including full-body virtual reality, with our ImmotionRoom solution!), an event where we will talk about development for this technologies, where we will talk about the future.

Well… the good news is: we are sold out! In only ten days, the tickets were all taken! More than 100 people will attend it, we’re so happy! Thank you all for your love! If you missed the ticket, don’t worry… we’ll try to stream the event live, so you can follow us anyway! Cheers!

Virtual reality games: Magnetique

Today on reddit, among all other various games videos, one post caught my attention: its header was “The first VR Comic it’s out“… wow, the first comic in virtual reality? Super-cool, I love original things in virtual reality… I’m one of the creators of one of them! So I watched the trailer…

and after watching it, my reaction has been

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